03-12-2014 Iron Warranty

"Termofor" has become the first producer of stoves in Russia giving a three-year warranty for banya stoves made of heat-resistant steel.

03-12-2014 Three Magic Letters of SFC

Three Magic Letters of SFC

03-12-2014 SSDTS, HE, TSP and others

We use abbreviations in order not to write long names of our stove modifications.

Please see a list below. If you meet an abbreviation you don't know please write us and we will add its full form to the list.

Our stoves are one of the few Russian goods sold in the USA

We provide jobs to more than 500 employees

We are the frost-resistant company in Russia

The best engineering solutions are only used

We could have produced satellites

Our stoves are the up-to-date and advanced in Russia

«Termofor» stoves – product of the year

We warm inhabitants of 250 cities of Russia and other countries

Termofor is Number 1 in Russia

Some of our stoves generate electricity

Fire safety is the mission statement of our stoves