Three Magic Letters of SFC

3 Dec 2014

Three Magic Letters of SFC

 Many, seeing in the catalog of our stove modifications a strange abbreviation of SFC, begin torturing us with a question, what it is and what it is for? SFC is no KGB, and there are no secrets. SFC is an abbreviation the complete form of which is "Short Fuel Canal". Stoves with a short fuel canal are intended for heating directly from the steam room.

This principle of heating came to us from the times of the traditional Russian banya with a brick-built stove and the classical Finnish sauna. It is held that the feature and even the advantage of stoves with a short fuel canal is a better circulation of air in the steam room, since all the damp unheated air and the carbon dioxide breathed out by man are taken away from the room.

This creates a microclimate that exerts a salutary effect on the health. Besides, the aroma and crackle of the burning wood make the banya procedures more comfortable and pleasant.

From the point of view of convenient installation, it is necessary to note that a stove with a short fuel canal is compacter than its counterparts with a standard fuel passage. Such a stove can be installed nearly in any place of the room, with no tie to a wall or a corner, which is an undoubted advantage. It is natural that such a modification is very popular among those who have no extra space in their steam bath rooms. It should be also noted that stove modifications with a short fuel canal preserve all design features and advantages of their base models. Please pay attention that, for the sake of convenient use, the stone unit in many stoves with a short fuel canal is turned to 180°, unlike that in the standard stoves. This "reverse" position of the stone unit is applied in SFC modifications of "Tunguska", "Compact", "Geyzer" and "Angara 2012" stoves.

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